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Why People Visit Museums Essay - 275 Words

Why People Visit Museums (Essay Sample) Content: Studentà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s name:Professorà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s name:Course title:Date of submission: []Why People Visit MuseumsThe world has a lot of unique features in different parts that make people visit such places with a nostalgic urge. A museum is an institution that conserves unique artifacts and other objects of historical, scientific, artistic or cultural significance and allows for public viewing via temporal or permanent exhibits (Gillis Jennifer 5). In most cases, people visit museums as a simple and convenient way to learn about a new place. Certainly, people visit museums when in new places to gather historical, cultural, traditional and artistic information; that entirely serve to satisfy their curiosity.Of the many reasons for visiting a museum, an opportunity to access and see unique masterpieces is pivotal. Some of the objects of interest include artefacts and handicrafts. Often, people have the opportunity to feel the artistà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s emotion (Gillis Jennifer 16). It is unlikely that people can satisfy their nostalgic curiosity by a mere stare on the internet or TV. Most people visit museums because they want to stand there and see different forms of painting by themselves. For example, Samburu paintings have been found thrilling to most American tourists in Kenya. Undoubtedly, no other images can substitute the momentous feelings they get for being onsite.More often than not, museums give individuals a chance to develop a better understanding of the past culture and history. In fact, when people travel to new places, they either know little or nothing about the history of the natives. For example, tourists visiting Maasai Mara in Kenya, first go to the museum to obtain background information before visiting the countryside to see the actual nomadic lifestyles.To sum up, museums are special centers that serve as bridges between people and new sites. Foreigners get to understand the nativesà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬&tr...

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Early Asian Theatre ( Indian, China, Japan ) - 1595 Words

Assignment #3- Chapter #4 Early Asian Theatre (Indian, China, Japan) 1. When did the development of theatre in India begin? The development of theatre in India began between the 2nd century BC and the 1st century AD. 2. Sanskrit is the language of what class in India? Sanskrit is the language of the Brahmin class in India, but it was also for the Noble class. 3. The Natyasastra define â€Å"rasa† as what? The Natyasastra define rasa as the emotional response the actors inspire in the audience. They also define it as a touchstone of aesthetic experience. 4. Where and for who was Sanskrit drama performed? All the major Sanskrit drama plays were performed in the ancient drama theatre Koodiyattam, which is in Kerala in the†¦show more content†¦Zaju combined drama, music, and dance, and it was an early form of Opera. 13. What form of drama became popular during the Song Period? Beijing Opera was the form of drama that became popular during the Song Period. 14. What is the central idea of Confucian philosophy? The central idea of Confucian philosophy were Jen, Li, Yi, Hsiao, Chih, Chun-tzu, and Te. Jen was human heartedness, goodness, something that gives human beings their humanity. Li was the principle of gain and benefit, the guide to human action, and the general ordering of life. Yi was the moral disposition to do good. Hsiao was the reverence to give back to others. Chih was the moral wisdom, and the knowledge of right and wrong. Chun-tzu was the ideal man. Te was the power of moral example and honesty. The philosophy basically says you should have kindness, rectitude, decorum, wisdom, and sincerity. Confucius had three main central ideas which were the rectification of names, the relationship between human-heartedness and righteousness, and knowing Ming or fate. 15. What is the central idea of Taoist philosophy? The central idea of Taoist philosophy is an outlook on the nature of life ad the universe. It expresses the path humans must take to join with the unity of the universe. Taoism is acceptance of life, finding peace, and enabling possibilities. 16. What is the central idea of the philosophy of Mencius? The centralShow MoreRelatedDifferent Film Industries in Different Countries2163 Words   |  9 Pagescentres of filmmaking are concentrated in United States, India and China. Hollywood is a district in Los Angeles, California that is situated in west- northwest of Downtown Los Angeles. Due to its fame and cultural individuality of movie studios and movie stars, the word Hollywood is often used as a connotation for the cinema of United States which is popularly known as the Hollywood film Industry. CHINESE FILM INDUSTRY [pic][pic] China has the fastest growing film market in the world. According to theRead MoreThe Avengers : Age Of Ultron Essay3597 Words   |  15 Pagesof this month, one week ahead of its mass release in USA and it is not the first film to do so. ‘I’ had a massive release in china, where some crucial sequences were also shot. Furious 7 becomes the first film to cross the 100 crore mark at the Indian box office. Hollywood films dominating eastern box office and exploring new locations in the eastern part of the world, Indian actors like Irrfan Khan making their presence felt in Hollywood films are few examples of growing importance of going globalRead Morebattle of meiktila4906 Words   |  20 Pagesthe context of Burma Campaign. The significance of Burma Campaign in the course of world war II was of equal importance from both Allied and Axis points of view as that of other theatres of war. Burma was turned into the theatre of war during the third year of the world war II. Two m ajor regional powers, one Asian ie Japan and another European ie Great Britain fought this war. 2. The Battle of Meiktila was not a battle fought in isolation. It was one of the three decisive battles among the seriesRead MoreThe Evolution Of Japanese American Women2537 Words   |  11 PagesThe Evolution of Japanese American Women Throughout time, the role that Women had in the early twentieth century to the present has changed drastically and it has changed for the better. Japanese American Women residing in the United States, has experienced the evolution of their culture, tradition, values and their role in society. However though it seems as if there is no time in this ever so rapid society, they still continue to pass down culture and tradition through each generation. Some keyRead MoreBudismo8510 Words   |  35 PagesMother Teresa - Diyos regalo sa sangkatauhan - dedikado isang pangunahing bahagi ng kanyang buhay upang maglingkod sa mga dukha at salat. Born as an Albanian, getting an Indian nationality later on, she became the Mother of the sick, destitute as well as impoverished. Ipinanganak bilang isang Albanian, sa pagkuha ng isang Indian nasyonalidad sa susunod, siya ay naging Ina ng mga may sakit, sayad pati na rin ang pinapaghirap. The Roman Catholic nun was the founder of Missionaries of Chari ty in CalcuttaRead MoreFinal Project Report on Tourism3854 Words   |  16 Pagesregistered an 11% increase in foreign tourist arrivals. India Tourism office at Tokyo won two International Awards in Tour Expo held at Daegu in Korea for excellent tourism promotion. Indian Pavilion won the Best Booth Design Award as well as Best Folklore Performance Award competing with major players in tourism such as China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Canada. PACKAGE TOURS   Package holiday  or  package tour  consists of  transport and  accommodation  advertised and sold together by a vendor known as a  tourRead MoreSingapore- Essay6469 Words   |  26 Pagesregulation 25 Financial Center Development25 Singapore’s GDP and import and export 26-28 The Environment of Singapore 28 Climate overview28-29 Singapore’s Geography29 Conclusion30 References31 Introduction Republic of Singapore is a Southeast Asian island city-state off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. In Sanskrit, the name of the country means Lion City. It is made up of made up of 63 islands which has land area of 693 sq. kilometres. The country is highly urbanised with very littleRead MoreCulture of India9032 Words   |  37 Pagesplace to place within the country. Its culture often labeled as an amalgamation of these diverse sub-cultures is spread all over the Indian subcontinent and traditions that are several millennia old.[1] Several elements of Indias diverse culture, such as Indian religions, yoga, and Indian cuisine, have had a profound impact across the world. Pakistan and North Indian States follow the medieval Indo-Persian culture, exemplified by its musical, culinary and architectural designs like the Taj MahalRead MoreThe Jade Pendant5982 Words   |  24 Pagescomparison to other forms of literary expression most prolific during the early years of Singapore s history. This study first provides a brief historical overview of the Singapore Short story written in English after which it examines the development of the genre through its first decade dating from 1978 and subsequently, the next ten years to the present. The Short Story in Singapore Singapore is a cosmopolitan Asian city, unique in that there are four major language groups promoted by theRead MoreComparison Between Japan and Russia13811 Words   |  56 PagesCultural differences A comparison of Russia and Japan Kristina Aksakova Exchange student Virrat, 2011 [pic][pic] Table of contents General information about Russia and Japan 4 Japan 4 Background 4 Tsunami Devastates Japan 5 History 6 Geographical facts 8 Demographical facts 9 Economic facts 11 FOREIGN RELATIONS 13 Governmental facts 15 Infrastructural facts 16 Russia 18 Background 18 History 18 Geographical facts

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Essay on Napoleon - 459 Words

Napoleon was an opportunistic leader who’s military genius was unmatched and his political prowess very solid, but his goal of overtaking Europe ended his power. Napoleon was a powerful military leader who was able to gain the respect and admiration of France through his military victories. He saw the opportunity to be the French leader and jumped at it, but his goal of a unified Europe hurt him. His ego also played a part in his fall from power in his ill-advised decision to have his brother rule Spain. Napoleon’s military power was so great that he came close to ruling Europe in its entirety before meeting the end. His rule over France was very successful and he was able to run a country very effectively. He was even able to rule over†¦show more content†¦Napoleon reached power through rising during a wartime because of his military successes. During a time of war promotions are made frequently and Napoleon became a general at a young age. Napoleon was able t o move his troops much faster than any other country was able to move their troops. Napoleon’s troops were also much larger than any of the others. These advantages led to Napoleon becoming one of the greatest military leaders ever. Napoleon’s political ideas were efficient and worked well to rule a country; he even adapted his ideas to help France run more efficiently. The Napoleonic Code gave equality to all male citizens and he rehabilitated the Catholic Church for his people, despite his belief in religious freedom. He created a bureaucracy with subprefects, prefects, and mayors that ran France. All of these ideas helped France run smoothly. Napoleon’s problem was that overtaking all of Europe was too difficult a task for any man. He was forced to divide rule over some of the states that he conquered and he was not intelligent in giving Spain to his brother. Spain revolted allowing a England to have a country to land on in Europe. This decision hurt Napoleon and ended with England uniting the remaining European countries against Napoleon in the battle of Waterloo. Napoleons ego and greed in expansion probably stemmed from his want for war as a militaristic person, but this became the end of his reign. In the end, Napoleon was a great leader whoseShow MoreRelatedThe Napoleon Complex2927 Words   |  12 Pagesmention Napoleon is the idea of a short, angry, and bossy little man who is aggressive to compensate for being little, in other words having a Napoleon Complex. Ironically the idea that Napoleon was a short man is false as he was average height for his size at the time. A more useful way to look at a Napoleon complex would be to describe it as, a person who is driven by a perceived handicap to overcompensate in other aspects, in their lives. With this definition, we get what Napoleons mentalityRead MoreThe book Napoleon by Paul Johnson is a monograph on the life of Napoleon. Napoleon was born on600 Words   |  3 Pages The book Napoleon by Paul Johnson is a monograph on the life of Napoleon. Napoleon was born on August 15,1769 on an island called Corsica which was a French island south of the mainland. Ironically his future enemy Duke of Wellington was also born in 1769. Napoleon was born in the lower nobility class, and gifted with mathematics. He admired the Royal Navy and wanted to join as a midshipman. At the age of ten, Napoleon left Corsica for a military school in Brienne, France. On completion of his studiesRead MoreNapoleon Bonaparte2242 Words   |  9 PagesNapoleon Bonaparte was a ruthless killer who hungered for power alone. He sacrificed much in order to contribute a great deal to the world by winning battles and discovering things such as the Rosetta Stone in Egypt. His thirst for control and power cost him everything he worked so hard for consequently leading to exile. The notorious Napoleon Bonaparte was born August 15, 1769, the second of eight children, on the little island of Corsica. The industrial revolution in Britain had already begunRead MoreEssay Napoleon Bonaparte1268 Words   |  6 Pages nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Napoleon was born on August 15th, 1769 in Ajaccio (Capital of Corsica) which is an island 70 miles west of Italy. His parents were Carlo Bonaparte and Letizia Ramolino. They got married when Carlo was 18 and Letizia was 14, this was in 1764. Letizia was the one who was always putting food on the table, Carlo was way to lazy. His father was interested in politics. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Napoleon got sent to military school (Brienne Military Academy) in 1778Read More napoleon Essay729 Words   |  3 Pagesnapoleon Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 15, 1769 in Ajaccio, Corsica. His parents, Letiza and Carlo were very strict. He was one of seven children of his prominent lawyer father and strong willed beautiful mother. His education was a very prominent one, he entered a school in the nearby town of Brienne-le chateau, and was known to excel in mathematics. He immediately showed his interest in the armed forces by enrolling in the prominent Paris military school Eode Military. ImmediatelyRead MoreEssay Napoleon2888 Words   |  12 Pages Guidance to Freedom or Just Another Tyrant? nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;When most people think of Napoleon Bonaparte they think of either a tyrant emperor or a brilliant war strategist. Maybe both are right but in whatever conclusion any person comes to, they will know he was a small man who accomplished many great things. Napoleon conquered countries and developed a mass empire, which led to his celebrity like fame. He was a man that respected cultures and every religion and even cried whenRead MoreA Brief Biography of Napoleon2011 Words   |  8 Pages Louis Napoleon was a French military and political leader, who rose during the end stages of the French Revolution. He started and was raised in exile and through determination, hard work, and passion he became the President and then Emperor of France. He accomplished to regain the throne for his family’s name, and was an inspirational, influential, and powerful leader. Charles Louis Napoleon Bonaparte was born on April 20, 1808 in Paris, France. He is very often referred to as Napoleon III, whichRead More Who was Napoleon Essay1166 Words   |  5 Pages Napoleon was born in Ajaccio, Corsica, on 15 August 1769, the second of Carlo and Letizia Bonapartes eight children. In 1778, Napoleon began his education at Autun and later attended school in Brienne, excelling in mathematics and science. Following a years study at the Ecole Militaire in Paris, he was commissioned in the artillery in 1785. The year 1789 saw the outbreak of the French revolution, which created an atmosphere of opportunity that would not have existed under the Bourbons, and NapoleonRead MoreNapoleon the Leader736 Words   |  3 PagesEagle Success Napoleon The Leader I chose Napoleon Bonaparte for my report for being an outstanding emperor and officer for the French. Even though he was very short, at the height of only 5 3, he showed that size doesnt matter and had his wide range of accomplishments support his thought. One of his more famous achievements was him developing The Napoleonic Code or Civil Code. The Napoleonic Code or Code Civil still forms the basis of French civil law. Another one of his amazing was escapingRead MoreNapoleon and the Enlightenment Essay2143 Words   |  9 PagesNapoleon and the Enlightenment Napoleon and the enlightment Napoleon was one of the most influential people in the history of the world. He has affected people throughout the globe in many ways. He rose through the confusion of the French revolution to become Emperor of the French. His goal was to conquer all of Europe. Through out his lifetime he nearly succeeded in his goal. Napoleon was probably one of the greatest military leaders that ever lived. Napoleon Bonaparte, who is also known

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Functions of HRM Department and Its Importance †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Functions of HRM Department and Its Importance Answer: Functions of HRM Department and Its Importance The success of any organization is determined by the nature of employees the organization has employed. The human resource management involves administration of the employees who are the greatest resource for any company. The department helps in the employment of workers as per the enterprise's needs, assigning specific duties, remuneration, promotion and also dismissal (Purce, 2014, p.67). It deals with all the affairs associated with employees (Armstrong, Taylor, 2014). Fastway as a multinational company which needs to enable connection of customers via internet needs the Human resource management department. The new general Y persons is more focused on technology to make changes in the businesses (Eisner, 2005, p. 4). HRM department will help Fastway firm deal with the changes in the people generation over the years. Many of its competitors have used technology to do research using the right employees. The Millennials are looking for jobs that will make them feel free and have se nse of belonging to the organization (Beardwell, Thompson, 2014). HRM department will help the Fastway Company achieve its strategy of connecting all the people in simple by ensuring there are the right employees for the firm. The firm is multinational and therefore it needs the HRM department to control all its employees welfare. One human resource personnel cannot help the firm get the right persons to execute its duties. The company intends to use technology to reach more customers, and therefore the employees it has must be trained to use technology effectively (Marler, Fisher, 2013, pp. 18-36). The department will help in the employment of workers with the required knowledge, setting the best salaries, assigning them to a particular department and oversee their performance. Management of the vast base of customers needs an adequate number of employees to cut on cost. Therefore, HRM department will ensure an exact number of workers to the firm who their potential is maximized (Kehoe, Wright, 2013, pp. 366-391). Competition in the market is high, and HRM department will ensure that young talents are nurtured and paid well to be able to retain them in the job, e.g., team-based compensation and benefits. It will also check employees' welfare and listen to their complaints to reduce the high resignation rate (Lowe, Levitt, Wilson, 2008, p. 43). The department will also ensure training of employees to make their work easy to execute hence reduce the high turnover level (Du Plessis, Sukumaran, 2015). For any firm to have competitive edge in the market, it must have creative and innovative staff who are enough to execute work accordingly (Lengnick-Hall, Lengnick-Hall, Rigsbee, 2013, pp. 366-377). Fastway firm use of technology would enable the HRM department to reduce the workers and make it save on salaries expenses. However, the employees must be reduced through proper research to ensure the success of the firm. Employees are an essential resource for any business, and they can determine succ ess or failure hence must have an HRM department to deal with their welfare (Hui, 2009, November). References Albrecht, S. L., Bakker, A. B., Gruman, J. A., Macey, W. H., Saks, A. M. (2015). Employee engagement, human resource management practices and competitive advantage: An integrated approach.Journal of Organizational Effectiveness: People and Performance,2(1), 7-35. Anitha, J., Begum, F. N. (2016). Role of organisational culture and employee commitment in employee retention.ASBM Journal of Management,9(1), 17. Beardwell, J., Thompson, A. (2014).Human resource management: a contemporary approach. Pearson Education. Du Plessis, A., Sukumaran, S. (2015). The role of HRM in leadership development, talent retention, knowledge management, and employee engagement. Eisner, S. P. (2005). Managing generation Y.SAM Advanced Management Journal,70(4), 4. Fay, D., Shipton, H., West, M. A., Patterson, M. (2015). Teamwork and organizational innovation: The moderating role of the HRM context.Creativity and Innovation Management,24(2), 261-277. Gupta, S. (2014). Sustainability as a competitive advantage: An outcome of strategic HRM.Review of HRM,3, 129. Hui, Z. (2009, November). Practice of Strategic Human Resource Management In the Enterprise. In2009 International Conference on Computer Technology and Development. Jiang, J. Y., Liu, C. W. (2015). High performance work systems and organizational effectiveness: The mediating role of social capital.Human Resource Management Review,25(1), 126-137. Kehoe, R. R., Wright, P. M. (2013). The impact of high-performance human resource practices on employees attitudes and behaviors.Journal of management,39(2), 366-391. Lengnick-Hall, M. L., Lengnick-Hall, C. A., Rigsbee, C. M. (2013). Strategic human resource management and supply chain orientation.Human Resource Management Review,23(4), 366-377. Lowe, D., Levitt, K. J., Wilson, T. (2008). Solutions for retaining Generation Y employees in the workplace.Business Renaissance Quarterly,3(3), 43. Marler, J. H., Fisher, S. L. (2013). An evidence-based review of e-HRM and strategic human resource management.Human Resource Management Review,23(1), 18-36. Purce, J. (2014). The impact of corporate strategy on human resource management.New Perspectives on Human Resource Management (Routledge Revivals),67. Wright, P. M., Coff, R., Moliterno, T. P. (2014). Strategic human capital: Crossing the great divide.Journal of Management,40(2), 353-370. Zikic, J. (2015). Skilled migrants' career capital as a source of competitive advantage: implications for strategic HRM.The International Journal of Human Resource Management,26(10), 1360-1381.

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Piano Teaching Methods Essays - Music Education, Suzuki Method

Piano Teaching Methods There is lots of piano teaching method and each one has its strengths and weaknesses. Now, I am going to inform you about the most common three methods for children ? Alfred, Suzuki, Amadeus. First of all, the Alfred method uses visual things such as colored pictures and graphics ? using software, compact discs, and /or cassettes is the newest updated one in this method ("Piano Teaching Method" 1). As you know, a picture is the greatest friend to children and it helps them, even adults like us, to understand something a lot easier. Additionally, it could grab children's attention more easily and quickly than a verbal explanation. For example, you can make a little card to show the scale or the relationship between notes. It is going to be helpful because students can look at it over and over. If you add colors or some pictures to that, it also would be helpful to get students' interest. This method gives students strength in reading intervals and seeing "the intervalic relationship between notes" ("Piano Teaching Method" 1). However, it might cause students to play by totally "relying on position playing" instead learning how to read the notes because it uses "the concept of position playing" ("Piano Teaching Method" 1). In other words, students memorize the hand position ? fingering ? but not read the notes. And some people point out that "the major composers should be presented to the students at a much earlier stage than is typical in this method" ("Piano Teaching Method" 2). This method is recommended for very beginning teachers who need a certain prepared lesson plan to follow and once the teachers become more comfortable and get to know about different methods, they are urged to "expand from this method" ("Piano Teaching Method" 2). The Suzuki method ? you probably heard this concept a lot. This method was applied to teaching violin originally by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki but it now is applied to piano teaching also (Mills et al ed. 1). The Suzuki method approaches playing piano with "listening and development of ear and the memory" rather than reading music (Mills 114). This method relies on playing by ear so that students become more sensitive about the tone they produce and it makes student concentrate more on their playing, and become more expressive with the music (Mills 114; "Piano Teaching Method" 4). In The Suzuki Concept, the author indicates that "after the good playing habits have been established, reading comes a little later" (114). However, the students trained by this method could lack reading music skill because they depend too much on playing by ear ("Piano Teaching Method" 4). For me, the most interesting teaching method is the Amadeus method. The concept of this method is that the teacher should give a lesson to children by playing with music as children play with toys (Back and Lee 25). The author remarks that teaching how to read the notes is not a first step (Back and Lee 25). In The Piano Teaching Method To Make The Best Student, the author describes that in this method, the teacher should guide children to be familiar with music by their sense of playing, and help children to feel and express music through their bodies (25). In this method, the easiest and the most recommended thing for teachers is to have children sing (Back and Lee 24). By doing that children could learn musical factors such as phrasing. Through this method, children can enjoy learning piano more and become familiar with music gradually and unconsciously (Back and Lee 26). I believe that unconscious learning process is the strongest advantage the students can get from this method. But as a teacher, you have to be always aware of the lesson plan, otherwise this method might end up just as playing instead of teaching (Back and Lee 26). Therefore, teachers should always prepare the curriculum carefully. As I mentioned above, there are strengths and weaknesses in each method. As a piano teacher, you should be knowledgeable about many different methods and use them according to the student's needs. You can't just insist on one particular method because each of your students' learning style will be different. I believe that the role of a teacher is to find out the best methodology for his or her students. Teachers should be flexible with different methods of teaching. Bibliography Back, Ki-Pung, and Bong-Ki Lee. The Piano Teaching Method to Make the Best Student. Seoul: Jak Eun Woo Li, 1993. Mills, Elizabeth, et al ed.

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Georgia Price Kayleigh Dean CYP Core Essays

Georgia Price Kayleigh Dean CYP Core Essays Georgia Price Kayleigh Dean CYP Core Essay Georgia Price Kayleigh Dean CYP Core Essay A figure of factors must be considered when be aftering environments that are healthy and safe. Outdoor countries for kids and immature people need to be planned to let vigorous drama with minimal hazard. When holding an out-of-door country in any puting it is of import to provide the kids with full waterproof vesture. This ensures the kids stay warm and dry whatever the conditions. This besides helps maintain them dry when playing with H2O and messy clay and sand. When be aftering an activity it is ever critical to do certain the activity is set in the right environment ; for illustration when utilizing motorcycles, tricycles and scooters. These should be ridden outside when there is non adequate infinite to utilize the equipment indoors, which could be unsafe to yourself and other kids. Every kid is an single with different demands depending on features such as ; age, intelligence, size, strenuosity and abilities. You must see this when planning activities for kids, for illustration when they are involved in physical drama. More consideration should be given to the demands of a kid who has merely become nomadic than to an older kid, when be aftering room layouts. Children who have specific demands such as centripetal damages would necessitate more support with hearing or seeing instructions. Extra signage or mark linguistic communication would assist a kid with limited hearing to understand what to make. The different demands of households and carers must be considered when be aftering for both indoor and out-of-door activities. Always be clear about why you are utilizing the type of environment for an activity and how the kid will see each activity. : The responsibility of attention of to kids, parents and carers is a legal duty that must be adhered to at all times. You should ever hold the child’s safety and public assistance uppermost in your head when planning activities. All activities associated with kids and immature people should hold clear purposes and aims that are based around the needed results linked to their age. An illustration of this is Early Years Foundation Stage ( EYFS ) for kids under 5 old ages of age. Lines of duty and answerability ; everyone employed in a scene has a duty for the wellness and safety of kids and staff, but there should be clear describing responsibilities ( Tassoni et al, 2010 ) . Using Hazard Appraisals are an first-class manner in cut downing the hazards of accidents. This is a procedure of placing a hazard and entering points that cut down this hazard to an absolute lower limit. A popular method of bring forthing a Hazard Assessment is to hit the hazard from 1-5, record actions that will cut down the hazard, and so to re-score the hazard after using these actions. All Hazard Appraisals should be updated on a regular basis so that the identified risk/s are monitored and remain safe for all those who use the scene. The age, development and capablenesss of kids should ever be considered as each single kid is different and all develop at their ain gait. A kid who is two would non hold progressed to the rate of a three or four twelvemonth old. Therefore, it is of import to be after activities sagely in order for kids of all ages and capablenesss to make their highest capablenesss. All scenes must follow the public assistance demands set down in the EYFS, which are to safeguard and advance the public assistance of kids. To advance good wellness of the kids and take necessary stairss to forestall the spread of infection. Take appropriate action when they are sick and to pull off behaviour efficaciously and in a mode appropriate for their phase of development and peculiar single demands. These are legal demands and must be followed carefully in all scenes. Children with specific larning troubles or physical disablements should hold activities they can take portion in where they can larn and besides bask. These kids should ever hold full entree to the edifice and all indoor and out-of-door activities. This could include the usage of mechanical/electronic lifts and inclines. Access to disenable lavatories are critical when sing handiness of the edifice. Staff preparation must include for the usage of lavatories by handicapped people. Each scene should hold a safe dependable security system to keep childrens safety and public assistance. The usage of a watchword for each kid could be adopted. Merely authorised grownups should cognize the watchword and it should be changed on a regular footing. This is to guarantee that no 1 but the parent or an authorised individual can pick the kid or immature individual up. Routine cheque of security should be made daily such as, entry phones, locks, visitant books, subscribing in or out and name badges should all be checked to command entry and issue at all times. Having a clean and safe environment is critical. Toys and all equipment should be checked on a regular basis to guarantee there are no crisp borders or they are broken. If a plaything is broken this is disposed of if non fixable. Surfaces should be clean for the kids and all unsafe substances, cleansing merchandises are locked off ( COSSH, 2002 ) . Toilets should be checked to maintain them clean and replace lavatory axial rotation or manus wash if needed, this will forestall the hazard of infection. Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE ) should be worn e.g. baseball mitts and apron when fixing bites, altering diapers and covering with a bloody lesion. This is besides to forestall the hazard of infection. Children should ever be prompted to rinse their custodies after utilizing the lavatory, before feeding or when they are merely foul which stops the spread of all the sources. All nutrient and drink in the scene should be in day of the month and stored at the right temperature and besides prepared hygienically. Allergy control must ever be obeyed and in my scene we have a no nut policy, which helps prevent against serious allergic reaction. All staff will hold their Disclosure Barring Services ( DBS ) cheques and are responsible to update them when needed to. All kids should hold an single kid cheque to research the advancement of a kid to guarantee they have reached their mileposts. This cheque besides helps to acquire to cognize the kid independently. Reporting all accidents and hurts ( RIDDOR, 1995 ) to the accident book is ever of import so we can ever advise the parent or calling of the accident. When sing medicine it is indispensable that the precise dose sums are written down by the parent and given to staff. This should besides include for the right storage of the medicine giving consideration to temperature etc. etc. When a kid is given medicine it is indispensable to observe down the clip when given to the kid to guarantee against dual doses are administered. First assistance boxes should ever be on premises in instance of accident or hurt. Not all scenes are built for the intent of a child care puting so be aftering should take into history the manner in which the scene should work as a safe and healthy environment. As portion of our responsibility of attention, a child’s wellness and safety should be the overruling rule when planning activities. 1.2 Safety is a basic human demand, a safe environment is one in which the kid or grownup has a low hazard of going injured or ailment. When working with kids it is critical you know how to supply a healthy safe environment, but besides to supervise and keep the environment. When supervising the environment it is critical we carry out Risk Assessments daily, this is a procedure in which we identify any hazards and happen ways to forestall that hazard to a lower limit. Policies and processs are put into topographic point to do clear what the puting intends to make and how they intend to maintain their environment every bit safe as possible, for all kids and staff members. There are times when, for safety grounds, everyone must follow waies and do as they are asked, to cut down the hazard to themselves, equals and the practicians. All members of staff including new staff, supply staff, pupils and voluntaries must be made cognizant of the contents of the schools wellness and safety policies. This is to guarantee every member of staff are cognizant of what regulations to follow, which helps to keep wellness and safety in the scene. One of the chief grounds for keeping a safe environment is accident bar. All scenes should supervise its wellness and safety, and the environment is on a regular basis checked ( both before and during activities ) to guarantee that it is both healthy and safe for grownups and kids. Children should be supervised at all times and that there is equal grownup supervising for any activities that are to be undertaken. The figure of grownups needed to be present, will depend on the figure of kids taking portion, the age of those kids involved, and the type of activity planned. This is so we can supervise the kids and maintain them every bit safe as possible. Checking the out-of-door country, come ining the edifice, look intoing that the equipment is safe to utilize, safety of kids, safety in all countries of drama ( both indoor and external ) , kitchen/food readying, lavatories, fire drill etc. etc. Using a procedure for monitoring, which includes following a everyday that if it is working right so go on. However, if something is working falsely so alteration or accommodate the modus operandi as needed. When geting at work before the kids arrive, hazard appraisals are carried out both indoors and out-of-doorss, look intoing the equipment is safe to utilize. Toilets besides need to be on a regular basis checked to guarantee they are safe to utilize. The kitchen is on a regular basis checked to guarantee it is safe for staff to fix nutrient but besides to look into that all cookery installations are switched off if non in usage. A first assistance box should ever be kept so it is seeable for all staff to see in the event of an exigency. First Aid boxes should besides be checked to guarantee the right equipment is stocked up if required. Everyday safety cheques should be made daily on premises both indoors and out-of-doorss. Every forenoon in the setting staff will transport out what is called a Risk Assessment of both countries to place and put on the line with any any possible hazards removed. A Hazard Assessment is a utile tool in assisting us to significantly cut down the likeliness of any accidents and hurt when working with kids or immature people. A Hazard Assessment can assist to alarm staff and kids to possible dangers and suggests reasonable steps which will cut down the possible hazard of that danger doing injury or hurt. Hazard Appraisals are a critical portion of both keeping and supervising the Health and Safety in every scene. The direction of wellness and safety at work ordinances 1999 ( originally 1992 ) ( in England, Wales and Scotland ) have had a major impact on the ways in which we control wellness and safety criterions. Employees must set about a scope of undertakings including Hazard Appraisals, doing agreements for the planning, organisation, control, monitoring and reappraisal of wellness and safety steps. Employees must ever set up exigency processs, supplying the right wellness and safety information and all the right preparation. Policies and processs play a immense portion in doing people cognizant of the regulations and the possible dangers of jeopardies. In my scene we have our policies and processs displayed on the walls so it is easy seen by parents and visitants, which allows them to acknowledge that we follow them right. Posters are a good manner of acquiring kids to understand the potency of hazards and jeopardies. It is critical our kids have some cognition of what is safe and what is non safe, with big images assisting to indicate them out. We are encouraged to work every bit safely as possible by following the settings policies and processs. Working in a squad and sharing information helps to guarantee and keep a safe environment for all to bask. 1.3 Workplace’s policies and processs: Guidance is non jurisprudence and is non mandatory ; nevertheless there are many different beginnings of counsel that a scene can utilize in order to be after a healthy and safe environment. 1.3.1 Hazard Appraisals Hazard Appraisals are a legal demand chiefly under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, although most wellness and safety statute law requires a hazard appraisal attack. Risk Appraisals must be recorded and should be assessed sporadically in cases such as ; following an accident, on the debut of any new process/equipment and besides any alteration in fortunes. Educational visits besides require a written Risk Assessment. There is a booklet of the most often used locales in the staff room, incorporating Hazard Appraisals. There is besides a booklet incorporating Risk Appraisals for each group in the same topographic point. All staff and group leaders must guarantee that they have read these paperss before shiping on a trip and must subscribe to admit this each clip they take students on a trip as portion of the subscribing out process. Shown below are the names of the staff helping with the appraisal procedure every bit good as inside informations on when they will be carried out and our updating systems. 1.3.2 Accidents Even in a safety witting environment accidents may still happen. This is how we deal with them. All accidents to our staff or students will be recorded and investigated, as appropriate to happen out what happened and how any similar incident can be avoided. Under the First Aid at Work Regulations 1981, employers have to guarantee that there are equal and appropriate equipment and installations for supplying first assistance in the workplace. This should include agreements for first assistance based on a Risk Assessment of the school. 1.3.3 Health A ; Safety Executive ( HSE ) – Relates to all different types of work related issues and they cover all facets of wellness and safety in different environments such as accidents, risky substances, sick wellness, Risk Assessments, protective equipment, public assistance installations, first assistance and occupational wellness. The chief purpose through the counsel of the HSE, whatever environment or industry, is to assist people understand the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, to assist people follow with the jurisprudence. It should be noted that the HSE are besides an administration that provides aid and counsel and can be contacted to reply inquiries of support. Every scene should hold a transcript of the latest legalization and counsel paperss relevant to their service. Health and safety legalization and policy purposes to do certain that all workers, kids, immature people and households are safe and protected from injury when in or utilizing services. Some illustrations of these statute laws associating to wellness and safety in the kid attention puting can be seen overleaf: 1.3.4 Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Employers have responsibility to do your workplace every bit safe as possible, every scene should expose a wellness and safety jurisprudence posting or supply employees with a cusp with the same information, which are available from the HSE. All employees need to make up ones mind how to pull off wellness and safety ; if the scene has more than five employees, this must look on a written wellness and safety policy. Employees besides have the responsibility to work safely and if you are given counsel about how to utilize equipment, you must follow that counsel. An illustration of a type of counsel is Manual Handling Operations Regulations ( 1992 ) ’ , which covers how to raise heavy objects in the right mode. This counsel includes information such as raising the weight with your pess apart, articulatio genuss set and back unsloped, utilize both custodies to guarantee a secure clasp, maintain your shoulders level, your back unsloped and easy unbend your legs. To set down the burden, take the weight on the legs by flexing the articulatio genuss. We follow this every twenty-four hours in our scene before the kids arrive. When we are puting up for the twenty-four hours, this involves transporting heavy objects from the shed and taking them indoors, raising heavy tabular arraies and traveling them. As practicians it is of import to follow this to cut down hazard to yourself. 1.3.5 C0SSH ( Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations ) 2002 To hold a safe workplace you will necessitate to carefully usage and shop cleansing stuffs like bleach and germicide and other potentially risky substances. Items such as bleach, anti-bacteria rubs, some dissolver gums and other stuffs in the scene that can be toxic. You should hold Risk Appraisals that informs you about these dangers and what to make to understate the hazard involved. Any new member of staff should be made cognizant of what to make in every circumstance. Every work topographic point should hold a COSSH file which lists all the risky substances used in the scene. The file should detail such information: where they are kept ; how they are labelled ; their effects ; the maximal sum of clip it’s safe to be exposed to them ; and how to cover with an exigency affecting one of them. Never mix any merchandises together as they could bring forth toxic exhausts. Some bleaches and cleansing merchandises, for case have this consequence. In our puting all our cleansing merchandises are kept in the kitchen ( where kids are non allowed ) in a high closet that lone staff members can make.

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Compare the quiet american to max boot chapter Essay

Compare the quiet american to max boot chapter - Essay Example Thomas Fowler: â€Å"The pursuit of U.S. for neo-imperial foreign policy is often disguised as an attempt to rebuild and aid a vulnerable nation. Unknown to many, the U.S. consented the bombings in Vietnam for this same pursuit.† Max Boot: â€Å"This is not an ‘either or’ condition, the U.S. had to fight to establish a precondition for a negotiation. The situation warrants Colonel Littleton W.T. Waller to disarm the Haitian army and fight the Cacos.† Thomas Fowler: â€Å"The problem with the U.S. foreign policy can be clearly illustrated in the Vietnam war where thousands of lives were lost. The U.S. was preoccupied with their commitment to eliminate communism and pursued a war that lasted for nearly fifteen years. The U.S. utilized its military force to attain its goal. But the war ended with the failure of the U.S. to accomplish its goal. The U.S. became too absorbed in shaping everything in an ‘American way.’† Max Boot: â€Å"The failure of the U.S. in Vietnam is not due to a flawed U.S. foreign policy but to too much reliance of Vietnamese leaders on the U.S. and commitment of various errors. The North Vietnam, which is a communist regime utilized its human resources. A generation of the North Vietnamese was eliminated. Hanoi compelled its citizen to participate in the war effort of the country through entrenching a distribution system for basic goods. In addition, the U.S. forces depended too much on modern equipment and weaponry. The U.S. used conventional manner against North Vietnams unconventional warfare. The U.S. underestimated the nature of their nemesis, the political struggle, and the effects of supporting an unpopular and weak regime. These factors explain why the U.S. lost in Vietnam.† Thomas Fowler: â€Å"It should be reiterated that the U.S. is mainly driven to protect their ‘interest.’ This is manifested by their intervention in Vietnam, which is fuelled by the belief that communism will